A name that guarantees state-of-the-art technology in the compressed air industry. ALMiG is a company with a long tradition whose products in the compressed air industry have always stood for quality, innovation, and reliability.

Screw Compressors

The ALMiG BELT Series is a single-stage Rotary Screw compressor with oil injection technology, standard low-noise enclosure, and ALMiG AIR CONTROL I or III microprocessor.

  • TEFC motor
  • Low-noise enclosure
  • Oil injection technology
  • BELT 4-37 & BELT 4-37 'Plus'
  • BELT 38-75
  • BELT 76-132
  • BELT 76-250


The ALMiG COMBI Series is a single-stage, air-colled, oil-injected Rotary Screw air compressor package. Includes the rotary screw compressor, main drive motor, and oil system filters.

  • Up to 190 psi air pressure
  • Designed for continuous-duty operations
  • Enclosed with cabinet for low sound levels
  • Mounted ASME- and CRN- approved tank *
  • Internal Refrigerated air dryer *
  • Oil and dust filters *
* Optional Features
  • COMBI 2S - 7S
  • COMBI 6 - 15.1
  • COMBI 6 - 15 (Base imMounted Unit)
  • COMBI 16 - 22


The ALMiG FLEX is a single-stage Rotary Screw compressor with oil-injection technology, variable speed operation and standard low-sound enclosure.

  • Max operating pressure of 190 psi
  • Harmonics filter
  • VSD Motor
  • Air Control Microprocessor

The compressor is designed for indoor and outdoor (under roof) installation and carries an optional extended warranty. The FLEX series offers a reduced footprint and extremely low sound level for installations with limited space.


The ALMiG VARIABLE is a single-stage rotary screw compressor with coolant injection technology, variable speed operation, a low-sound enclosure, and a TEFC motor.

  • Max operating pressure of 190 psi
  • Variable speed drive
  • High efficiency motor
  • 1:1 Direct drive
  • Air-cooled
  • VARIABLE 16 - 34
  • VARIABLE 35 - 70
  • VARIABLE 90 - 130
  • VARIABLE 90 - 210

Refrigerated Dryers

The ALM Series non-cycling dryers are designed to meet the demands of customers who want reliability and dry compressed air at an addorable price.

  • Flow Rate from 10 - 500 scfm
  • Adapts to system needs without complicated controls
  • Maximum moisture removal
  • User-friendly installation


The ALMplus Series refrigerated dryers delivery stable ISO 8573.1 Quality Class 4 and Class 5 pressure dew points.

  • Integral 3 micron cold coalescing filter
  • Energy Management Monitor
  • User-friendly designs; compact footprint, easy access
  • UL/CSA certified


Precision engineered heat exhangers, ISO Quality Class integrated filtration and digital scroll compressors make the ALMS Series the ultimate air systems solution.

  • Flow models from 90 - 3000 scfm
  • Integral 3 micron filter/separator
  • Precise matching of input power to system load


Cool, dry and clear your compressed air supply in one compact, easy-to-use ALMH Series package. The ALMH Series is ideal for reciprocating compressors.

  • Flow rates from 20 -125 scfm
  • COOL - accepts high temperature air to 100F
  • Moisture removal
  • Integral 3 micron filter removes contaminants

Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Utilizing twin towers filled with premium-grade activated alumina, ALMiG heatless dryers are available with three application specific control systems.

  • ACDS - Automatic Sensatherm Energy Savings
  • ACDL - Selectable Purge and Energy Savings
  • ACDE - 40F Dew Point Performance


ALMiG's ACCD Series protects air systems exposed to temperatures below freezing. This fully-enclosed wall-mounted package delivers dew points of ISO 8573.1 Class 1 & Class 2.

  • Flow rates from 7 - 50 scfm
  • Solid state timer & front-mounted control panel
  • Streamlined piping and utility connections
  • Automatic operation and stored adsorptive energy

Heated Desiccant Dryers

Global demand for Air Quality Class 3 and our advanced Ambient Air Amplification Purge Technology enables us to off the AWD Series externally heated purge desiccant dryers.

  • Flow rates from 300 - 3200 scfm
  • Towers filled with extra, high-grade activated alumina
  • Premiu inlet switching/purge exhaust butterfly valves
  • Optional Load-Matching Energy Management System


AWDB Series dryers improve air system efficiency by use of a dedicated axial blower. ISO 8573.1 Class 2 dew point performance is guaranteed.

  • Flow rates from 500 - 4300 scfm
  • Extra-large desiccant beds
  • Electric or steam powered bed regeneration options
  • Optional load-matching Energy Management & Dew Point Display

Air Filtration

ALMiG's AF Series filter elements have been designed utilizing innovative media and manufacturing techniques. This results in increased performance, reduced size, and lower operating pressure drop.

  • Flow rates from 20 - 21250 scfm
  • Tested by CAGI, ISO & PNEUROP
  • Convenient Filtering Types


  • Designed to achieve ISO 8753.1:2001 air quality standards
  • Filter element performance and pressure drop validation
  • Color coded element end caps provide easy identification